About Tolar Longhorns



I have been around cattle the majority of my life. My great-grandfather and my grandfather were both dairy farmers in west-central Alabama and in the 1990’s, they made the switch to become commercial beef cattle producers. My parents built a house on the farm when I was young and took over my grandfather's commercial beef cattle operation when he retired. I gained a lot of great experience by helping with their beef cattle operations during the summers growing up.

After graduating from high-school, I decided to get my Agricultural Economics degree from Auburn University and then, I followed in my father’s footsteps and obtained a law degree from Birmingham School of Law. I have been practicing law with my father for the past eight years.

My wife and I were introduced to the Texas Longhorn breed about 7 years ago and we both fell in love with it immediately. At that point, I knew that I had no choice other than to become a fourth generation cattle farmer. In addition to the cattle being so great, the people we’ve had the opportunity to meet have been amazing. We have been greeted with open arms by the Longhorn community and look forward to getting to share this amazing breed of cattle with everyone who loves this breed as much as we do. If we do not already know you, please reach out to us so that we can get to know you. The best thing about this breed has been getting to know the great people who all share the common bond of the amazing Texas Longhorn!

Reid & Ashley Tolar